Domestic Waste Management


Wastes are unwanted, unusable items, remains, or byproducts or household garbage. They are also include excrement, used or contaminated water etc. Wastes are generated in our homes on daily bases. And these wastes must be handled and managed proper to avoid been a source of danger in our homes. There are various types of wastes generated in our homes that require different management system. These wastes are classified into two major forms namely solids and liquids. The liquid forms are easy to handle and manage. They connected from their sources to septic and soak away pits. These are evacuated as soon as they are filled up by waste management operators.

The solid wastes are relatively different in their management. This is because there are no built in facilities to handle them like the liquid waste. But they could be handled by proper understanding of the various types of solid wastes and their sources. The types and sources of solid waste in our home are but not limited to:

1. Kitchen wastes such as vegetables and fruits, peels, bones, scales etc.

2. Metal wastes

3. Glasses

4. Plastics and polythenes

All these wastes are daily generate in our homes and it very important to handle and manage them so that they do not endanger our health.

Kitchen waste.

These form bulk of daily generated wastes. This is as a result of the fact that we feed daily. And if they are not properly handled well, they can start to decompose after 24 hours. To handle these therefore, a container with a plastic bag with cover should be provided for these wastes only. They should be placed inside the bag and container as soon as they are generated and covered to avoid rats and rodents scattering them. And as soon as they filled, disposal at the designated place should be carried out. Animal waste should be disposed the same day they are generated.


These wastes come from processed products we purchased from stores such as drinks, creams, broken doors and windows etc. These can be a great source of hazard in our homes if not properly handled and disposed. To dispose these therefore, a plastic or wooden create or box should be provided to stack these glasses. In some cases the manufacturers of the products buy them back from us or recycled by glass recycling companies. In this case we make some money from our wastes.


These wastes come from metal containers of foods and drinks we purchase. They should be handled with care to avoid been a source of injury. Get a plastic container with a cover to put these wastes. And as soon as they are filled up, should be disposed at the designated place or sold to the metal recycling companies and make some money.

Plastics and polythenes.

These have become a major source of waste in our homes. These wastes do not rust or decay easily and so need to be handled with care. The good thing about these wastes is they are easily recyclable. Though generated in a great measure are easy to manage.

Wastes in our homes though unwanted can be a source of extra income when properly managed.


Source by Okwuegbunam Francis E.